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SOLSTICE: Days of Still

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Writers Write, Readers Read, Right?

If you ever felt like you couldn't write your own story, especially after reading hundreds if not thousands of books already, then you'd be entirely wrong. Anyone can write a good story. Even if the first try at the writing scene doesn't work out, you can expect that with each subsequent submission, your fans will enjoy your work more and more. This is a reminder to anyone who reads great stories and keeps their memories alive inside their heads. "Those are the words you should use to write with." "Use your own mind to create worlds and situations and relationships that are real and can be understood by the reader." "It doesn't take so much to create a great scene that all your energy will be wasted forever."

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    The life of a carny is good or it is bad depending on who was asking the question. The fact is, the the work was back-breaking and seemed to go on forever. Life continued to weave a way through the people of the road even while they worked for days and partied for months. This was the last few good years of carnival work. The employess that would erect the show were a collection of loners and travelers. Each one had an individual story to tell and a reason to be there. The industry was brought to its knees by federal tax collectors in the late 90's and eventually handed over to corporations who hired employess and made things right. CARNE VALE was the most revealing novel written by Francis D. Walsh; the similarities are ominous and the differences hardly noticeable as Rick Water lives a life much like the author's but different too. Why love and lust and freedom meant so much to one person may never be known, but the need to get away never seemed to die.

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